is our area of expertise

We specialise in
executive directors,
both in France and internationally

With a keen sense for precision and high performance, at Orus Executive Search we headhunt executive directors for CAC 40 companies, foundations and start-ups, both in France and internationally.

  • commitment to excellence
  • precision
  • high-level performance
  • Transparency

Building success

We will work alongside you, helping you boost your socio-economic performance. Our aim:

is to identify applicants
that will help you build
a successful future

Strategic vision

Fully aware of the multiple benefits of a successful recruitment operation, whether this is in human, social or economic terms, we take all of the necessary steps to ensure the expectations of our clients are entirely in keeping with the levels of ambition of our candidates.

  • Industry
  • Luxury
  • goods
  • Digital
  • Media
  • Emerging
  • technologies
  • Retail
  • E-Commerce
  • FMCG
  • Corporate
  • roles

A proven method

We can guarantee a high-quality service, centred around a thorough methodological approach and expert knowledge of the sectors in which we operate.

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